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A one-day dairy animal husbandry seminar program was organized by the 11 October 2023 General Vipin Rawat Mountain Research Institute of the University in the Veterinary and Animal Sciences College Auditorium. About 45 progressive dairy cattle farmers from Nainital, Champawat and Udham Singh Nagar districts participated in this program. In the inauguration of the program, Dr. A., Director of General Vipin Rawat Mountain Research Institute. S. Jeena welcomed all the guests and informed them about the objective of the program. Dean Dr. S. Highlighting the importance of animal husbandry business, P. Singh appealed to the farmers that it is necessary to adopt scientific methods to earn more income from dairy business. He also said that the scientists of the Veterinary College are committed to the progress of the cattle rearers and such programs will be conducted for the cattle rearers on a regular basis. Dr. B.C. The Board said that it is necessary to provide balanced diet to milch animals to maintain their production capacity. Dr. Shiv Prasad gave a detailed lecture on the solution of reproductive diseases in milk cows like not conceiving on time, not coming in heat and repeat breeding etc. Dr. B.N. While introducing various breeds of milch animals, Sahi also described the indigenous breeds Sahiwal, Gir and Tharparkar as suitable according to the climate here. Dr. Praneeta Singh discussed the method of making paneer, lassi, matcha, kulfi and ice cream etc. to earn more income from dairy business. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Kumar, coordinator of the program, while discussing the diagnosis and prevention of major parasitic diseases occurring in dairy animals like Babesiosis, Theileriosis, Sarra, Fungiolosis etc., advised the farmers to get their dung and blood tested if they show symptoms related to the diseases. It was advised to use anthelmintic medicines only after that. Asked to adopt vaccination to protect animals from theileriosis disease. Dr. R. Of. While informing about the Pantja Goat Project run by the college for the farmers, Sharma described Pantja goat rearing as profitable. At the end of the program, Director Research Dr. A. S. Nain said that today India ranks first in milk production in the entire world. But considering the number of animals, milk production per animal is very low which is a matter of concern. He also said that if animal farmers adopt scientific method and consult scientists from time to time, maximum milk production can be done from animals. Dr. Nain also informed about various projects being run by the university and the state government for the progress of dairy cattle farmers. Honorable Management Council Vishal Rana said that the goal of animal husbandry business can be achieved only through contact between dairy farmers and animal scientists. Dairy cattle reared and former MLA Shri Naveen Dumka said that it would be beneficial for the university to organize such programs from time to time for the progress of cattle readers and to establish a link between nearby dairy cattle readers and the scientists of the college. Suggested.

For organizing this program, dairy cattle readers Umesh Chandra Bhatt and Tara Chandra Joshi said that it is a commendable task for the university to organize the program under the guidance of Vice Chancellor Dr. Manmohan Chauhan. This program was organized by Mankind Pharma Ltd. Organized in collaboration with New Delhi. Along with certificates, mineral salts for the use of animals and deworming medicines etc. to get rid of parasitic diseases were distributed free of cost to all the cattle owners.

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