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This success story reveals two fundamental land drainage technologies, namely, surface drainage and subsurface drainage. On the basis of some basic research on the former and the adoption of both in the farmer’s fields under the different agroecosystems, the potential improvement that could be brought about in the agricultural lands and the consequent increase in their productivity has been demonstrated. There has been a reasonable success in the adoption of both technologies by knowledgeable and financially sound user groups, besides some governmental agencies. The success achieved may prove to be useful in removing any misgivings in the mind of the investor about the adoptability and benefit of the land drainage technology. In view of the increasing pressure on the land and the water resources, man a time leading to their deterioration and reduction in production potential, land drainage technology holds promise for the future. It is useful in checking the degradation of the land and the water quality and is also capable of turning the degraded land into productive land on a sustainable basis. 

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