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The University has developed 90 varieties of field, fruit, vegetables, tuber and spice crops. There includes 25 improved and 5 hybrids of rice, two each varieties of finger millet, groundnut, cowpea and dolichus bean and one variety each of horse gram, rice bean (fodder), pigeon pea, tomato, chilli, bitter gourd, snake gourd, long bean, drumstick, amaranthus, xanthosoma, coriander, undi and four tuber crop varieties one each of lesser yam, greater yam and two varieties of sweet potato. In fruit crops, the University has released seven mango varieties viz. Alphonso, Ratna, Sindhu, Kankan Ruchi, Suvarna, Konkan Raja and Konkan Samrat. In cashew eight varieties viz., Vengurla 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, two varieties of coconut, three varieties of nutmeg, and one each variety of arecanut, jack fruit, jamun, karonda and lemon.

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