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Field Crops Rice

About 87 per cent farmers of Konkan raise seedlings of rice and ragi on limited nursery area specially treated by ‘Rab’ practice which is an eco-hazardous method of heating surface area. The university has recommended to grow rice and ragi seedlings on raised beds of 10-12 cm height and control weeds by pre-emergence application of herbicide viz. oxadiargyl @ 0.1 kg. A fertilizer dose of 0.5 kg N, 0.5 kg P2O5 and 5 kg K2O per guntha (R) is recommended for rice nursery at the time of sowing. Top dressing with N @ 0.5 kg/R is to be done 15 Days after sowing.

It is recommended to transplant rice seedlings (Improved varieties) of 12 to 15 cm height having 5 to 6 leaves at the age of 20 to 30 days in Kharif. However, during rabi-hot weather season seedlings of 35-40 days age are to be transplanted.
For hybrid rice, it is recommended to transplant one seedling hill-1 of 20 days age at 20cm x 15 cm spacing. Rice crop is to be fertilized using 100:50:50 kg N, P2O3 and K2O ha-1. To economize the fertilizer dose by about 50 per cent and avoid polluting effects of fertilizers on environmental components, it is recommended to apply 2.5 tons Glyricidia green leaves ha-1 and place a Urea-DAP briquette in each square of 15 cm to 15 cm at 8-10 cm depth when rice is transplanted by.

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