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  • Decision Support System for Cotton Cultivar selection: Developed decision support system for cotton cultivar selection – the tool aids the decision makers to identify ideal cultivar for varied agro-climatic condition or demand. The system also aids the decision makers to identify micro level suitability of cotton cultivar based on key agro-ecological parameters.
  • INDIAN COTTON PORTAL: CICR has four websites; they are,, and The websites has wide range of information for different stakeholder including policy makers, students, general public, farmers etc. The websites has been periodically updated with latest information and removed obsolete information. In the recent years most of the institute publications are made paperless and published in softcopy version in the portal.
  • GROW GOOD COTTON – a mobile application for cotton pest management: A mobile application called “Grow Good Cotton” for cotton pest management has been developed. The application include general description of each of the cotton pests including classification of the pest, identification of the pest, symptoms of damage, life history; Management option include chemical, biological and cultural and mechanical control; ETL check, recommended chemicals and brands with approximate price in the market; chemical application methods. The application incorporated with audio module in order to break the literacy barriers. The application is developed in English and to be converted in eight other Indian languages.
  • Nitrogen Guru : ICAR- Central Institute of Cotton Research, Nagpur, has developed a device to detect nitrogen (N) deficiency in cotton and recommend ameliorative measures in the form of voice advisory both in English and vernacular language  to the farmers. The gadget works based on the principle of transmittance of light by leaves. It detects the deficiency based on red, green, blue, hue, saturation and luminosity values of the leaf colour.
  • Android based mobile app “Cotton Doctor” has been developed under the project “Development of Interactive Decision Support Systems for Cotton Pest Management with Pre Recorded Voice Modules”. It is a user friendly software tool developed to support the cotton stakeholders in cotton insect management. It covers A to Z about cotton insect management. Once you download the app, it can be referred at any time in offline as well. The size of the app is around 20 MB that makes the users to download it in no time. The targeted users are not only the farmers but also students, researchers, state department personnel, extension functionaries, KVK personnel, policy makers etc.,
  • Cotton Database: Developed Cotton Information Retrieval System with 25 time series data and some of the data sets starting from 1947. The stand alone information retrieval system was developed in the year 2008-09 and same has been converted in to web enabled information retrieval system which was floated at our CICR portal.
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