Catfish seed production is essential for species diversification in freshwater aquaculture. Catfish seed is collected naturally from paddy field or swampy areas. However, there is a big gap between supply and demand. During transportation of seed, high rate of mortality occurs due to fluctuation in water parameters like temperature, pH, dissolved Oxygen etc. CIFE has developed a new model catfish hatchery comprises of three tier rearing system.

Salient feature:

  •  Mature catfishes released into cemented/ fiberglass breeding circular tank for mating to obtained eggs. Under optimum environmental conditions fertilized eggs hatch within 26-28 hours.
  • Hatchlings then transfer to the rearing system which comprises of three tier system
  •  From hatchery unit hatchlings transfer to the first-tier system, where hatchlings took 4-7 days to reach early fry.
  • Followed by transferring early fry to second tier system, where early fry reach post fry stage in 7-12 days.
  • Then post fry fish transferred to the third tier system where post fry grows to fingerling stage within 16 – 23 days. Fingerlings can be reared in this system for 30 days.

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