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A significant awareness camp was held at KVK Nurmahal, Jalandhar, which saw enthusiastic participation from farmers across the Nurmahal and Nakodar blocks. The event, aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural practices, was a convergence of insightful discussions, practical demonstrations, and expert analyses on advanced farming technologies.

Dr. Sanjeev Kataria, Deputy Director of KVK Nurmahal, inaugurated the camp with a focus on the sustainable in-situ management of paddy straw. He highlighted the benefits of adopting smart agricultural machinery such as the smart seeder, surface seeder, and happy seeder, demonstrating their role in enhancing farm productivity while protecting the environment.

Er. Rupinder Chandel delved into the intricacies of machinery used in crop residue management, offering a balanced view on their advantages and disadvantages. This analysis aimed to guide farmers in making informed decisions that align with their farming needs and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Prabhjit Kaur introduced the innovative technology of the surface seeder, a new technique poised to revolutionize wheat cultivation by improving efficiency and reducing labor costs. She also discussed tips for Organic Cultivation of Various Crops and benefits for environmental health. Further enriching the camp’s agenda, Dr. Balvir Kaur discussed the versatile applications of paddy straw, including its use in mushroom cultivation and as mulch in vegetable cropping.

Dr. Rohit Gupta emphasized the nutritional value of paddy straw as fodder for livestock, presenting an integrated approach to farm management. Adding to the comprehensive coverage of agricultural challenges, Dr. Harwinder Singh Buttar shared expert strategies for managing diseases and pests that affect wheat and mustard crops.

The practical demonstrations, including the use of paddy straw in biogas production and live showcases of straw management techniques, provided farmers with a tangible understanding of the concepts discussed. The event also included tours of processing units like flour and rice mills, enriching farmers’ knowledge about post-harvest processes.

In conclusion, Dr. Sanjeev Kataria encouraged the farming community to adopt modern technologies and platforms such as the PAU farm machinery app, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. These resources are designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, fostering a community of informed and tech-savvy farmers.

Er. Rupinder Chandel offered a vote of thanks to all participants, acknowledging their active engagement and contributions to the success of the awareness camp. The event marked a significant step towards empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable and profitable agriculture.

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