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Agricultural Research Station, Madhira adopted Buchireddy Palem village of Yerrupalem mandal , Khammam district. The programme was inaugurated by Dr.K.Rukmini Devi,Prinicipal Scientist &Head, Agricultural Research Station, Madhira, later suggested the farmers to practice new methods of farming by utilizing the services of the research station and also suggested the farmers to cultivate the new varieties released from the research station and urged the farmers to apply the recommended dose of fertilizers based on the results of soil testing and suggested the farmers to taken up management practices to be taken up in Cotton, Redgram, Greengram and Blackgram after continuous rains during July Month. Dr.T.Bharath, Scientist (Agronomy) & Village adoption Incharge spoke about the importance of the village Adoption Programme and briefed the activities to be conducted in the village. Later explained about effective weed and fertilizer management in Cotton, Rice, Redgram, Blackgram and other vegetable crops. Smt.K. Nagaswathi, Scientist (Entomology) interacted with the farmers about the pests and disease incidence to crops and suggested suitable control measures. Dr.P. Jhansi Rani, Scientist (Plant Breeding) has brifed about the Millet and Maize production technology.Progressive farmer, Ravinder Reddy spoke about the good initiative taken by ARS, Madhira for adopting the village and extended his support to the programme. In this programme 25 farmers participated and displayed banner of scientist details including contact numbers of Agricultural Research Station, Madhira at Rythuvedika, Buchireddy Palem village of Yerrupalem mandal. Later Group of Scientists had proceeded for diagnostic field visit to Paddy transplantation is being carried out in the village. Visited the cotton fields and the crop is at 30-40 days age. Observed the narrow and broad leaved weed infestation in many fields and suggested to spray Quizalofop ethyl 400 ml or Propaquizafop 250 ml and Pyrithiobac sodium 250 ml per acre by mixing in 200 lit of water. Further, it is suggested to go for inter-cultivation with implements once in every 10 days up to 60-70 days of age in cotton, which will help in better aeration and moisture retention. Observed the Root rot disease and suggested to soil drenching with copper oxy chloride 3gm/li or carbendazim 1gm/lit. Visited the Outsourcing seed production plot Blackgram (MBG-1070), Redgram (WRG-255) and Minikit Blackgram(MBG-1080) field of Sri.Laxma Reddy and Satyanarayana Reddy in Buchireddy Palem village of Yerrupalem mandal and suggested to go for Spinosad 0.2ml/lit +Neem Oil 2ml/lit in view of Sucking pest infestation. Later Visited Dry Direct Seeded Rice field of Sri. NarayanaRao and Venkatanarsi Reddy in Jamalapuram village of Yerrupalem mandal and suggested to go for Metsulfuron Methyl 10%+ Chlorimuron ethyl 10% WP 4g/ha+ Cyhalofop Butyl 10% EC 75g/ha (Tank mix) POE in view of effective weed management.

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