There is no doubt that biotechnology is an excellent career choice due to its dynamic & interdisciplinary nature. More importantly, biotechnology holds the key to solve many problems of human society – agriculture & food security, medicine, environment, and energy. Several students opt for the biotechnology for their subsequent career path after class 12. The issues arises when students encounter difficulties in procuring employ- ment and pursuing higher studies or research after completing their undergraduate studies in biotechnology. Exposure of the students to dif- ferent success stories of biotechnology and types of research activities are immediate to address the demand of existing as well as future prac- tices for the betterment of the society/farming communities. Exchange of knowledge in between the students of different universities/institutes is now being really felt in the light of today’s need and the students of our college will be privileged to get a national exposure out of that. The con- vention aims to give national exposure in order to develop scientific temperament, attitude and entrepreneurship skills among undergradu- ate/postgraduate students. Understanding the dynamism of biological sciences, technological changing needs are to be felt, approach attitude are to developed so as to prepare and engage in adapting to such changes through the process of life-long learning.


Research Article/Concepts/ Novel Ideas etc. in respective themetic areas are invited

Article submission – 15.07.2023
Confirmation of acceptance of article – 31.07.2023
Last Date of Registration – 10.08.2023
Confirmation of Registration – 12.08.2023
Confirmation of Accommodation – 17.08.2023

Registration Fee:

UG/PG Students – Rs. 1200/-

Note:- All the outstation participants will be provided sleeper class to and fro rail fare to attend the convention.
About CABT, Sabour:

College of Agricultural Biotechnology was established in the year 2021 in the headquaters of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour with the aim to cater academic and research excellence in biotech- nology. The college consists of four departments namely, Depart- ment of Plant Biotechnology, Department of Animal Biotechnology, Department of Environmental and Microbial Technology and Depart- ment of Bioinformatics. The mandate of the college is teaching, research and developing entrepreneurship skills in in the fields of biotechnology and allied disciplines. This is the first agricultural bio- technology college of the state established by Govt. of Bihar.


College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour (Bhagalpur), Bihar-813210

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