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I. Likely weather in the coming week in jute and allied fibre growing states

II. Agro-advisory of Jute

  • Farmers not yet sown the crop

Complete the land preparation and sow the crop immediately. To get good yield and quality fiber, use JRO 204 (Suren) variety of jute seed and treat the seed with Carbendazim (Bavistin) 50 WP (2g per kg seed), at least 4 hours before sowing. If JRO 204 variety is not available then JRO 524, IRA, Tarun and NJ 7010 variety can be grown for fiber production. These can also be used as leafy vegetable purpose if harvested at early stage.

Sowing should be done in line through ICAR-CRIJAF Multi-row seed drill and required seed rate will be only 350 – 400 gm/bigha (0.133ha). Line sowing with row spacing of 20-25 cm and sowing at depth of 3 cm are recommended.

In case of extreme emergency and non-availability of seed drill machine, broadcasting of the seed with maximum seed rate of 800g /bigha followed by weeding operation with ICARCRIJAF Nail Weeder strictly at field capacity is recommended for maintaining the proper spacing. CRIJAF Nail Weeder operation at 5-8 days after sowing both under irrigated and rained conditions, maintains 5-6 per cent more moisture in root zone (0-15 cm), keeps the soil (0-10 cm) cooler by 1-30C, helps to fight early drought stress by young jute seedlings even under no rain fall condition upto 30 days.

Laddering of field after sowing which will act as dust mulch for conservation of soil moisture which will be helpful for better germination of seed.

For medium and high fertility land, the recommended fertilizer will be N:P2O5:K2O : : 60:30:30 kg/ha. For low fertility land it will be 80:40:40 kg/ha. Nitrogen needs to be applied in 2-3 spilt doses. However, phosphorus and potash should be applied as basal. Farmer can also refer Soil Health Card for actual NPK application as per their soil test.

Under irrigated condition, spray Pretilachlore 50EC @ 3 ml/L water after 48 hrs of sowing with irrigation to control weeds. Under rainfed condition (no irrigation), spray Butachlore 50EC @ 4ml/L water after 48 hrs of sowing to control weeds.

If drought like situation persist 5-6 DAS, sprinkler irrigation can be given. Where moderate to heavy rainfall is forecasted, wait for irrigation application to crops.

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