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18th March 2024, Udaipur Sometimes coarse grains (Sri Anna) like millet, jowar, ragi, kangani, sava, china etc. are used as food for the poor.It was believed that, but today the rich man is running after coarse grains. Actually in coarse grain There is abundance of nutrients related to preventing many diseases, hence people include Shri Anna in their food. Have started joining. This was said by Director of Extension Education, Dr. R.A. Kaushak Nekhi. They Eight programs on the topic ‘Elimination of Malnutrition from Whole Grain Bakery Products’ were held on Monday in the Directorate Auditorium.

He was addressing the closing ceremony of the one-day training. He said that in the era of climate change, the area under cultivation of coarse grains has increased. people also if its importance is understood then the demand has also increased. National Soil Survey under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and under the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan on behalf of Land Use Planning Bureau Regional Center, Udaipur.

In this training organized for livelihood generation, selected 31 young men and women from Salumber, Udaipur district Run away. With the help of Directorate of Extension Education, the participants were provided with millet grains like jowar papdi,Kaangani Pakodas, Ragi Cakes, Bajra Laddu, Bajra Brownie, Saavan Frys, Kaangani Cup Cakes, Jowar they were shown how to make dozens of dishes like donuts, oats cookies etc. Not only this, the participants were given the city’s big visit to bakeries and commercial manufacturing unit of pickles and papads in Rajasthan Mahila Vidyalaya was also done.

The function was presided over by Regional Center Head Dr. B. l. Meena said that the aim of the training is that the self-confidence of the youth from the weaker sections of the society in remote and rural areas increases and they can create new opportunities in their field. By starting a start-up, not only Sen can become financially strong but also other youth of the village can can inspire. Dr. Meena called upon the participants that on behalf of the Directorate of Extension Education, after taking training diligently, do not sit at home, but start a new business by making products from your home.

 Start the. When you feel that it can be given a commercial shape, form a team and start working. Get it done. The profit in bakery business is 40-50 percent. Initially the sample scientist of the regional center Dr. R.P. Shamva, Dr. Roshanlal Meena welcomed the guests by wearing Mewari Paag and Uparna Dakaya.

On this occasion, the guests discussed about the ingredients for making various dishes and products of coarse grains. Booklet was also released. Also observed the exhibition of the above mentioned products. Everyone apart from the booklet, the participants will also be provided with Puri Maker, Sandwich Maker, Sev-Duchps Making Machine, Buttermilk Press Machine.

Complete kit of the machine was given so that they could start their business in no time after reaching the village, could do. The participants also shared their experiences. Trainee Dapraya Meghwal Rajasthani Dance Presented. It was conducted by Professor Sir Dr. Ladika Vyas of Directorate of Extension Education.

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