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Under the guidance and motivation of Dr. V P Chovatia, Hon. Vice Chancellor,Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh, supports of Dr. H M Gajipara, Director of Research & PG Dean and in the gracious presence of Dr. N K Gontia, Principal & Dean, CAET, Dr. P M Chauhan, Registrar, JAU and Dr. R M Solanki, DSW, JAU, Junagadh, “World Water Day-2023” was celebrated on 21/03/2023 on theme of “ACCELERATING CHANGE’ by ICAR sponsored All India Coordinated Research Scheme on Irrigation Water Management, Department of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering at College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh. Dr. V K Tiwari, HoD-FMPE, Dr. M N Dabhi, HoD-PFE, Dr. G V Prajapati, Research scientist (Agril. Engg.), Dr. H V Parmar, Assoc. Prof., SWCE, Prof. P B Vekariya, Asst. Prof., IDE, Prof. H H Mashru, Asst. Prof., SWCE, Dr. R J Patel, Asstt Prof., IDE, Dr. J M Modhwadiya, Asst. Prof., SWCE, Dr P A Pandya, Asstt Prof., SWCE, Dr. V K Chnadegara, Assoc. Prof., PFE, Dr. V P Sangani, Asstt Prof., PFE, Prof. A L Vadher, Asst. Prof., , FMPE, Dr. S P Cholera, Asst. Prof., , REE, Dr. Punial Gajjar, Asst. Prof., , FMPE, Er. P J Bagada, SRA, Er. P A Damor, SRA, Mr. G K Majethiya, Agril. Asst., Mr. Y H Hala, Lab. Tech. were remained present. At the first outset, Dr. H. D. Rank, Chief Scientist, AICRP-IWM and HoD, Department of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering, CAET, JAU, Junagadh had welcome all dignitaries seated on and off the dais as well as faculties/staff and students. He gave brief explanation about why world water day is celebrated by UNO since 1993 on different themes as per the prevailing issues. He presented facts on the present status and issues of the water resources. He gave facts and figures of water footprints to produce various commodities namely refined sugar, coffee, vegetables, cloth, paper, meat, milk etc

All the dignitaries were welcomed by “Jalkhumbh”. The world water day-2023 program was inaugurated by “Jal-Ahuti” by Dr. N K Gontia, Principal & Dean, CAET with all dignitaries.N Dr. H D Rank, had delivered the expert lecture on “ Water Resources: Past, Present and Future. He also gave the issues of decreasing per capita availability of water resources in India and Gujarat state in particular. He explained the various reasons of decreasing the water resources like ever-growing population, industrialization, urbanization, increasing standard of living of human being, lack of adoptions of technology, requirements of infrastructural development etc. He urged to students to extend the awareness among the public, farmers, family and friends about importance of water resources and its conservation.

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