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Despite, enviable achievements in livestock and poultry production in the country, shortage of veterinarians is a serious issue, limiting the possibilities of further progress in the sector. Supply of veterinarians less than the demand is still felt as a handicap of late, when today’s livestock and poultry having more of exotic germ plasm are unable to with stand the hardships and contingencies of Indian climate, necessitating the need for more manpower. However, the possibilities of narrowing this gap between supply and demand for veterinarians in the near future are less feasible. Further, the possibilities of narrowing this gap there are some services in veterinary profession which require only fewer competencies, but to be provided by a trained person under the supervision of a veterinarian.
This calls for the need to develop Para-veterinary workers who can assist a veterinarian in the performance of his duties. Para- workers may be livestock inspector, livestock nurse/technician/assistant or Veterinary field assistant/officer. Veterinary Polytechnics is dream project of Chhattisgarh Government and Chattisgarh Kamdhenum Visawidylaya which is going to start after July 2014 in three different and important places of Chhattisgarh.

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