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I. SABOUR SURBHIT: (Released in 2012)

  • Aromatic fine grain rice with yield potential of 40–45 quintal per hectare and can perform well under limited irrigated condition also.

II. SABOUR ARDHAJAL: (Released in 2013)

i. Long slender grain aerobic rice variety

ii. Yield potential 50 –55 quintal. ha-1

iii. Suitable for upland and medium land

iv. Saves about 50% water requirement

III. SABOUR DEEP: (Released in 2014)

  • Early maturing aromatic fine grain rice with yield potential of 40 – 45 quintal per hectare & very much suitable for contingent plan under late arrival of monsoon.

IV. SABOUR SHREE: (Released in 2014)

i. Medium slender grain variety

ii. Yield potential 45 – 50 quintal ha-1

iii. Suitable for medium irrigated situation

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