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Date: 20th-21st July, 2023
Time of training: 9.00AM

Last date of receipt of application: 19th July, 2023 Venue: Committee Room,Admn Building, ICAR-IIHR

Course Director: Dr K Madhavi Reddy, Principal Scientist, Div. of Vegetable Crops Course Co-Directors: Dr T H Singh, Principal Scientist, Div. of Vegetable Crops Dr HC Prasanna, Principal Scientist, Div. of Vegetable Crops Dr P Naresh, Scientist, Div. of Vegetable Crops Dr Smaranika Mishra, Scientist, Div. of Vegetable Crops.

Course Co-Ordinators: Dr. M.V. Dhananjaya, Dr. Venkatt Kumar R, &

Objectives of the training
To impart technical know-how on quality seed production in chili, tomato, brinjal, and bell pepper.
To enhance skills in commercial F, hybrid seed production in chili, tomato, brinjal, and bell pepper

Prospects of the training

  • Maintenance of parental lines.
  • Knowledge on floral biology, anthesis, emasculation & pollination.
  • Pollen collection and storage
  • Use of male sterile & functional sterility systems to economize F, hybrid seed cost.
  • Crop management for hybrid seed production.
  • Seed extraction, treatment and storage.

Scope of training
Quality F, seeds have high commercial value.
Highly useful for young entrepreneurs, agriculture or horticulture graduates/diploma holders/ SHG women
Trained/ skilled personnel will be of great help for seed industry
Regularized F, seed cost
Availability of quality seeds

Who are eligible?
All aspiring entrepreneurs including agricultural and horticultural graduates, Diploma holders in horticulture, professional, SHG women, & anybody interested to explore the world of (topic) to generate income and employment.

How to apply?
Registration link: Charges for training: Rs.5,000/- per participant.
Registration is compulsory. Training fees includes accommodation, snacks, tea, lunch, certificate & training manual

Contact Details: BESST-HORT: 7760883948, Mail ID: BESST-HORT website:
BESST-HORT is a Technology Business Incubator of ICAR-IIHR, catalyzed & supported by NSTEDB Division, DST, Gol, New Delhi.

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