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Training Programme on “Advances in production technologies & seed production in papaya”

Date: 24th May 2023

Last date for application: 23rd May 2023

Time of Training: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm,

Venue:-Committee room, ICAR-IIHR Course Director: Dr. C. Vasugi, Principal Scientist, Division of Fruit Crops

Course Co-Director: Mrs. Anushma.P.L., Dr. P V R Reddy, Dr. Sriram, Dr. Yogeesha H S

Course Co-Ordinators: Dr. M.V. Dhananjaya & Dr. Venkatt Kumar BESST-HORT Training Associates: Mr. Shyam Kumar, Mrs. Mamatha, Mrs. Manjula V, Mr. Nithesh, Mr. Devaraj, Mr. Kiran, Mr. Sateesha & Mrs. Manjula. S.

Objectives of the Training
To sensitize the recent advances in production technology of papaya To provide hands on training on papaya seed production, extraction, processing and storage in papaya

Prospects of the training
Papaya is one of the most productive and remunerative fruit crops in the country The gynodioecious hybrid/varieties of papaya have increasing demand in both domestic and international markets throughout the year .Papaya seed production is an ever-growing industry and controlled pollination is essential for quality seed production products

Scope of the training
The training will help to apprise the stakeholders on recent advances in papaya cultivation including pest and disease management practises. The participants will get first-hand experience in selection of right plants/flowers and pollination for quality seed production.

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