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About the training programme:

The training programme is organised under All India Network Project on Mari culture (AINP – M) with an objective to impart different skills on the marine finfish farming practiced and develop trained manpower in the niche area.

Importance of Finfish Mariculture in Indian context:
Mariculture is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of aquaculture in the world. In contrast to the global scenario, Indian mariculture sector is emerging out from its infant stage, but is still at a lower scale, when compared to fresh water and brackish water aquaculture sectors, and commercial-scale farming in this sector is yet to take off, despite its huge potential to enhance seafood production in the country. The geographic territory of India is bestowed with a vast coastline of 8,118 km with an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 2.02 million km2, and 1.2 million ha of suitable brackish water area. All these available resources are available for farming of high value marine finfishes. With an aim to enhance the marine finfish production, Indian research institutions have come with several technological developments on seed production of commercially important marine finfish species, and their farming practices. Recently developed finfish farming practices include: small diameter sea cages, coastal backwater cages, Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for marine finfish brood stock development and nursery rearing, coastal marine finfish farming methods. All these developed technologies have been developed and tailored to suite with prevailing India’s coastal characteristics and climatic conditions. Developed technologies have been demonstrated and disseminated in different maritime states of India by ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, and has been constantly contributing to promotion of the marine finfish farming and production in India. This training programme is being held at the Visakhapatnam Regional Centre of ICAR CMFRI and focuses on the three major marine finfish species (Indian pompano, orange spotted grouper and John’s snapper) for which the seed production and farming technologies standardized.
Duration: 5 days (5th to 9th February, 2024)
Who can apply?
Entrepreneurs, Aqua farmers, Shrimp farm technicians, Researchers, Students, State government Fisheries and Extension officials and farm workers.

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