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Date: 25th July, 2023
Time of training: 9.00AM
Last date of receipt of application: 24th July, 2023 Venue: Video Conference Hall, Admn Building, ICAR-IIHR
Course Director: Dr Safeena S. A. Sr. Scientist, Division of Floriculture and Medicinal

Crops Co-Directors:

  • Dr. Kalaivanan D. Sr. Scientist, Division of Natural Resources
  • Dr. Rohini M.R., Scientist, Division of Floriculture and Medicinal crops
  • Dr. Shilpa Shree K.G., Scientist, Division of Natural Resources

Course Co-ordinators:

  • Dr. N. R. Prasanna kumar Sr. Scientist, Division of Crop Protection
  • Dr. Priti Sonavane, Scientist, Division of Crop Protection
  • Dr. M.V. Dhananjaya, Dr.Venkatt Kumar R, & BESST-HORT Team

Objectives of the training
• To impart training on Hi-tech farming techniques in different Horticultural crops Prospects of the training
• The participants shall be trained on the theory and practical aspects of different hi-tech farming techniques with hands-on demonstration Scope of training.
The training helps in familiarizing the participants about various hi-tech farming techniques viz., Hydroponics [Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep Flow Technique (DFT)], NFT with wick system, Vertical NFT system, Aeroponics, Aquaponics and Deep water culture, Horizontal Wick Technique, Vertical aggregate wick system, Vertical farming with wick system and Commercial Vertical farming in different crops • Hands on training on different hi-tech farming techniques • To encourage farming in urban and peri-urban spaces.

Who are eligible?
Anybody interested in hi-tech farming techniques of horticultural crops can apply for this training.
All apprising entrepreneurs including agricultural and horticultural graduates, Diploma holders in horticulture, professional, SHG women, Homemakers & anybody interested to explore the world of Hydroponics and Vertical Farming to generate income and employment or as hobby.
Agricultural and Horticultural Faculty from various Colleges/Universities, Students from disciplines of Agriculture / Horticulture, Various Government Departments, Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Urban and Peri-urban dwellers are eligible to apply for the workshop .

How to apply?
Registration link:
Charges for training: Rs. 2,000/- for Offline & Rs. 1,000/- for Online participants;

Registration is compulsory
Training fees includes snacks, tea, lunch, certificate & training manual

Contact Details: B

  • ESST-HORT: 7760883948, Mail ID:
  • BESST-HORT website:


BESST-HORT is a Technology Business Incubator of ICAR-IIHR, Catalyzed& supported by NSTEDB Division, DST, Gol, New Delhi.

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