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The biofloc technology is an innovative intervention in modern aquaculture based on the concept of generation of microbial protein as quality natural food for cultured shrimps/ fishes through manipulation of C:N ratio in culture system. This technology is being well practiced and found to be suitable for high density nursery and grow out culture of shrimps and finfishes with minimal/zero water exchange where nutrient retention is maximum. Biofloc based shrimp farming is found to be highly profitable in terms of better growth performance, disease resistance and rate of return over investment compared to conventional
farming. Though biofloc based farming is widely being practiced by shrimp farmers across the world, this technology is catching up among Indian shrimp farmers. This necessitates to make awareness among farming communities about various components in biofloc like type
and source of carbon for optimum manipulation of C:N ratio, autotrophic or heterotrophic community, the effect of integrated periphyton based biofloc systems, nitrifying cycle in floc based system etc. Based on this background, the present training programme aims to impart
knowledge on various theoretical and practical intricacy of BFT like C:N ratio manipulation, identification of autotrophic and heterotrophic microbial flora and its interaction, immunological or biochemical components in biofloc etc.
To impart technical know-how to trainees with recent advances eco-based innovative biofloc and periphyton culture technology.
To conduct hands-on training on integrated biofloc and periphyton based shrimp culture system.

Travelling, Boarding and lodging
Guest house accommodation at ICARCIBA is limited and shall be provided at standard rate on first-come-first- serve basis on sharing basis.
The Programme fee is Rs. 8000/- per Person (including GST). The charges include course fee, course material, working lunch and refreshments. The fee does not include travel, lodging, conveyance and other personal expenses.
Dr.Kuldeep Kumar Lal, Director,
ICAR-CIBA, Chennai
Course Director
Dr. A. Panigrahi, Principal Scientist,
Course Co-Ordinator
Dr. C.P. Balasubramanian, Principal Scientist
Dr. M. Jayanthi, Principal Scientist, CCD
Dr. K. P. Kumaraguru Vasagam, Principal
Scientist, NGBD
Dr. P.S. Shyne Anand, Principal Scientist, CCD
Shri. R. Aravind, Scientist, CCD
For more details contact:
Dr. A. Panigrahi
Principal Scientist, CCD
ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture
75 Santhome High Road, RA Puram
Chennai – 600 028 Tamil Nadu
Phone: 044 – 2461 8817/ +919025739499
Fax: 044 – 2461 0311

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