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Date: 27-29 February, 2024
Time of training: 9.00AM
Last date of receipt of application: 26.02.2024
Venue: Committee Room
Course Director: Dr. T. R. Rupa
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Course Co-Directors: Dr.K.G. Shilpashree, Dr. T.K. Radha, Dr. S. Ramachandran and
Dr.Yukti Verma
Course Co-Ordinators: Dr.M.V. Dhananjaya, Dr. D. Kalaivanan and BESST-HORT Team
Objectives of the training
• To impart the knowledge about soil testing and plant analysis as a diagnostic tool for assessing nutritional requirements of crops and efficient fertilizer use in horticultural crops.
To acquaint the participants with the diagnosis of nutrient disorders in horticultural crops using leaf/petiole analysis, and quality of irrigation waters
• To give hands on training on handling of laboratory instruments used in soil, plant and water analysis

Prospects of the training
Horticultural crops being a high value crops, high doses of fertilizer’s coupled with frequent irrigation are often employed to ensure proper crop growth, development, high productivity and quality produce. Nutrient requirements of both fruit and vegetable crops are unique relative to field corps. Fruit crops are perennial in nature and explore a much larger soil volume. Added to this, the nutrient use efficiency in fruit crops varies with the genotype, age of trees and soil type. Vegetable crops are annual like field crops but complete their life cycle a little later than grand growth stage, much ahead of senescence. Therefore a more holistic approach is essential in nutrient management of both fruit and vegetable crops. Apart from soil and plant analysis, the quality of the irrigation water has been of major concern in recent times since it influences the growth, yield and quality of fruit crops. The testing of irrigation water also aids in the choice of fertilizers that are to be used, besides minimizing the risk of discharging pollutants to surface or ground water.

Scope of training
This training programme offers an exhaustive coverage on soil sampling, soil fertility evaluation and nutrient recommendation, leaf tissue sampling guidelines, testing, nutrient norms and nutrient recommendation, irrigation water quality testing and management. It also covers handling and usage of instruments in the soil testing, plant analysis and water quality in laboratory. This training will immensely be useful to all those involved in soil testing. plant analysis and irrigation water quality assessment services in horticultural/ agricultural crops.

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