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Nature has been so kind to men. Ever since its appearance on the earth’s surface man has been dependent on nature for his subsistence. We needed edible plants and animals; everything that comes from nature and has some utility for man but its utilization is possible on the availability of appropriate technology.

Keeping in view the squeezing land man ratio, the food, fibre, fuel and fodder requirements in future have to be met through enhancement of productivity with the efficient use of natural resources. In order to improve production and productivity, the analysis of hilly resources is of utmost importance.

In the rainfed area where natural hazards have put these areas in situation of production un-certainties, systems of farming have its own economic significance. Rural people in general are dependent on locally available resources. Therefore, in the rainfed areas, the chances of shifting towards other farming activities like – piggery, fishery, and poultry are more economically viable & socially acceptable. The rapid growth of population and technological revolution has created a serious concern to the existence of life on earth. Indiscriminate use of natural resources has also posed a serious threat to the environment.

Our natural resources will be at increasing risk from soil degradation, deforestation water scarcity and contamination, loss of bio diversity and climatic changes owing to overconsumption and waste in the state. The changing agro-system environment has posed a question mark on the sustainability of the production system.

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