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Artificial Intelligence (AI), the technology which is booming high in the present world is sufficiently capable to take up the challenges in Agriculture in a smarter way. Smart farming (SF), the technology where the potentials of AI is integrated with mechanization, sensors and many other areas of information and communication technologies (ICT) is all set to revolutionize food sector. Sustainable use of natural resources for increasing production and at the same time protecting the environment are the major objectives of smart farming. Smart farming helps to minimize the input application and at the same time increase productivity many folds. Collection and analysis of this data in agriculture with the help of ICT technologies is the basis of Smart farming. Use of smart devices and sensors for data collection is one of the major factors of its success. Devices under the category Internet of Things (IoT) is the most important component as far as smart farming is concerned.  Components of IoT devices are connected through the internet. IoT devices play a very important role in implementing SF by which farming reaches new heights. Smart farming is getting enriched day by day with the developments in ICT and AI. Developed countries have already jumped into smart farming to realize another green revolution with this technology. ICAR-CTCRI is actively involved in programs related to smart farming and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture. Such initiatives are essential for addressing the evolving needs of the agriculture sector in the modern era. Under this background such a training is being proposed to train more scientists and students in the smart farming and AI technologies.

Last date registration: 19 January 2024
 Training date: 05- 09 February 2024

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