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The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) is a unique bi-national organization, mandated by governments of India and Canada to promote, facilitate, and nurture academic linkages, collaborations & exchanges, research partnerships, and networks on bi-national corridors. With its physical presence in New Delhi, India and Calgary, Canada, and a strong base of 150 Indian and 40 Canadian member institutions, for past 55 years, SICI is the only organization in the Canada-India higher education corridor that is instrumental in building and strengthening intellectual and cultural relationship through research and dialogue. Funded by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, it supports diverse disciplines including Social Sciences, Humanities, Science & Technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Arts, Literature, Culture, Law, Business, Economic Reform, etc. and covers all levels of higher education from undergraduate to postdoc and from faculty to collaborative research. ABOUT TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY (TNAU)
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) established in 1971. TNAU assumed full responsibilities of Agricultural Education and Research and supported the State Agricultural Department by delivering research products. Apart from academic institutes, the University has research programs at more than 40 stations, and 15 KVKS spread over in Tamil Nadu for effective technology transfer.

This Bi-national Agri-cluster workshop 2024 will further strengthen academic ties between Canadian and Indian agri-scientists, and provide a platform to share knowledge with the other stakeholders of the cluster, thus enriching their experiences, increasing their understanding, developing partnerships, and creating a platform to develop the robust roadmap and collaboration for agri-education and skill development between Indian and Canadian institutions of SICI. This knowledge will help to build a strong network of stakeholders between the two countries and benefit both nations. It will also help to promote scientific collaboration between the two countries, leading to the development of new technologies and practices that can help to solve global agricultural challenges.
1. To bring the research of both countries under one umbrella to explore partnership on topics of mutual interest
2. Transfer of technology
3. Develop a robust roadmap for agri-education, skill development, and industry engagement
1. Precision Agriculture
2. Food Processing and Value Addition
3. Waste Management
4. Soil and Plant Health
5. Technology Development and Transfer
6. Agri-Education& Skill Development
7. Industry Linkages

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