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About 75 % of the farm land is shaped into medium ridges (1.0 m top width ×0.75 m height × 2.0 m bottom width) and furrows (2.0 m top width × 1.0 m bottom width × 0.75 m depth) with a gap of 3.5 m between two consecutive ridges and furrows. As in high ridge and deep furrow above the furrows are used for rainwater harvesting and paddy-fish-cultivation during Kharif. The cropping schedule is similar to that followed in DF except rice can be grown in furrows in Rabi/summer with lesser supplementary irrigation. This technology can be adopted when acid sulphate soil layer is present at shallow depth due to which other land shaping technologies cannot be adopted. The likely cost of intervention is about Rs. 39,000/- per ha for soil excavation. Social status of the farmers will be enhanced due to improving their farm income. Environment will be protected due to reducing soil salinity, improving drainage, harvesting fresh rain water. This technology enhances the livelihood security by increasing farm income and employment generation.

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