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Renowned archaeologist Dr Mukhtiar Singh Gill made a special journey to India with a valuable gift—a captivating collage of paintings vividly portraying the rich culture, traditions, and folklore of ancient Punjab. This remarkable masterpiece was generously bestowed upon Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, in recognition of its outstanding contributions to revolutionizing agriculture in the nation.

“At the age of 90, Dr Gill’s boundless enthusiasm for life and his deep affection for the culture and traditions of his homeland serves as an extraordinary source of inspiration,” remarked Dr Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, as he gratefully accepted this gracious gesture from the nonagenarian scholar.

Notably, this collage is a faithful replica of the 16 paintings originally crafted by Dr. Gill at the request of the legendary Dr. MS Randhawa, the inaugural Vice Chancellor of PAU. These artworks were intended to adorn the walls of the renowned Museum of Social History of Punjab at PAU. Incidentally, one of these paintings recently fetched a staggering $50,000 at an auction in the United States.

The heartfelt gift not only celebrates Punjab’s vibrant heritage but also acknowledges PAU’s pivotal role in transforming the landscape of agriculture within the nation.

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