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In agricultural development and modernization, use of quality seeds of improved varieties suitable to location specific condition have played a most significant role in enhancing agricultural production and productivity. It is, therefore, imperative to place more emphasis for developing an efficient, effective and latest technology for seeds production involving farmers, which should be relatively low cost and affordable to the low-income farmers in the area jurisdiction of university as well as state as a whole.

Besides, teaching, research and extension, production of quality seeds of promising varieties/hybrids of field crops/vegetables/forage crops seeds/seedlings/ saplings of flowers and fruits, mushroom and fingerling production suitable to local specific conditions is the mandatory responsibility of state Agricultural Universities. Keeping in view the increasing importance and awareness of quality seeds among cultivators, the university re-oriented its seeds production programme. Consequently production of all categories of seeds (Breeder, foundation and certified seeds) of field and vegetable crops increased from 3800q during 1986-87 to 9000 q in 2007-08. But to percolate the benefits of high yielding, fertilizer responsive and disease resistant varieties/hybrids suitable to local specific condition to lowest strata of farmers community by way of higher seeds replacement rate, still there is an urgent need for strengthening and expending seeds production programme of the university.

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