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A trainers’ training on ‘Improved Production Technology for Quality Jute Fibre Production’ was conducted during 1-2 March, 2023 at ICAR-Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres, Nilganj, Barrackpore for the master trainers and block supervisors working under Jute-ICARE project as per ICAR-CRIJAF Office Order F. No. Jute ICARE/Pur./21-22/ (e-150492) dated 10/02/2023. The programme was organized by Dr. Gouranga Kar and Dr Bijan Majumdar (Programme Directors) and Dr. Sailesh Kumar and Dr. Sonali Paul Mazumdar (Programme Coordinators). In this training a total of 27 block supervisors and masers trainers from Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal (Coochbehar and Siliguri region) participated.

In the inaugural session, Dr. Gouranga Kar, Director, ICAR-CRIJAF, addressed the trainees and interacted with the trainees regarding implementation of the programme and suggested them to use their acquired knowledge scientifically in the different activities of Jute-ICARE programme for higher crop yield and increased profitability from jute farming giving proper attention and care to the environment.

In the two days training programme, topics like (a) prospectus of Jute-ICARE programme, (b) Production technology of jute (c) Crop cutting experiment on jute, (d) Improved retting with Crijaf Sona, (e) Pest and disease management of jute, (f) Practical classes on In-situ retting technology and pond based integrated farming system, (g) Practrical class on Soil sample collection methodology, (h) Use of advanced machinery in jute cultivation, (i) Visit to fibre museum were covered. The trainees actively participated in the discussion and interacted with the speakers to clarify their doubts about the technologies taught. Evaluation of the trainers’ knowledge level on the relevant subjects was done through standard formats.

In the valedictory programme of the two day’s trainers’ training programme on 2nd March, 2023, certificates were distributed to the trainees. The two days training was ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. S.Kumar after the interaction session of the trainees and scientists.

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