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A training on fish feed preparation and feeding management was conducted for the ST farmers under the TSP program from 27-29th March, 2023 at ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai. A total of 12 ST farmers from Maharashtra state participated in the training. The training was inaugurated by Dr. Ravishankar C.N., Director, & Dr. N.P. Sahu, Joint Director ICARCIFE, Mumbai, on 27’th March 2023 in the forenoon hour. Dr. Subodh Gupta, HoD, and other faculties, technical staff, & students were present in the program. A hands-on practical was conducted for farmers by Dr. Sikendra Kumar & Dr. Tincy Varghese, coordinator of the training and they prepared the three types of feed. The hand pelletizer prepared the pelleted feed, second pelleted feed was prepared with the automatic extruder/pelletizer, and the third pelleted feed was prepared with the mobile feed mill. Farmers were exposed to different feed-making types of equipment, such as pulverizer, hand pelletizer, mechanical pelletizer/extruders, mixers, boiler, conditioner, and mechanized pellet mill of the mobile feed mill. The pelleted feed prepared by the farmers was also tested for water stability and how to analyze the protein, lipid, and crude fiber content of the feed. A total of five practical’s were conducted. Farmers were also taught different theory classes, such as- the importance of feed, locally available ingredients, feed-based aquaculture, and different aquaculture practices. A total of five theory classes were conducted for the farmers. Overall the training was highly successful with good newspaper coverage.

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