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My name is R. Iravikumar, I am a pioneer shrimp farmer with PhD in marine science. I have been doing shrimp farming since 1989 with the intention of engaging in shrimp farming with my friends during that period when I was engaged in research.

It should be noted that I have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Due to lack of proper technology in the initial stage shrimps could not be cultivated properly. At that time I was rearing monodon shrimps.

Then there was a huge loss in line shrimps due to white spots and the production was greatly affected. Later in 2006, ‘Vanami’ shrimp was introduced in India and hatchlings were provided in CAA licensed farms. As far as these Vanami prawns are concerned, the food requirement is very low and to the delight of the farmers, these prawns have gained a good reputation among the farmers.

Nursery technology

Vanami shrimps are heavily affected by what is known as ‘Early Mortality Syndrome’ (EMS). Nursery technology was introduced with this concept in mind. In this method PL10 chicks stocked in nursery ponds and then raised to 30-day-old juveniles and then transferred to rearing ponds were found to be free from EMS attack and achieve higher growth potential in shorter days.

I am doing this technique in my Reinforced Concrete Tank (Epoxy Coated) farm tank. It has a capacity of about 300 ton liters and a circumference of 150 feet and an area of ​​50 cm. is Also, a facility with a shade net system is provided to protect it from excessive heat and cultivation is carried out. The water source required for these nursery ponds is 30-40 BPM from the reservoir pond. is treated with chlorine and transferred to the nursery tank.

The treated water from the reservoir is 350 gsm. It is filtered through non fabric filter and transferred to the tank. In this type of nursery technology with proper technology, without direct stocking, up to 30 days with continuous aeration, feed management and water management, shrimps of 0.5 – 2 gm are grown and transferred to rearing ponds. Prawns reared in the nursery system and transferred to rearing ponds can be harvested at 30 count growth (individual shrimp weight 32 – 35 g) within 60 days. Also, the quality of shrimps is improved when culture is carried out in this type of Reinforced Concrete Tank (Epoxy Coated) method. The possibility of continuous inventory system is also high.

The technique of rearing shrimp fry in Reinforced Concrete Tank (Epoxy Coated) method has been followed since 2016-17. In this system the growth of shrimp is accelerated by continuous aeration, water management and feed management. Daily water changes are an important part of this method. Reinforced Concrete Tank (Epoxy Coated) can be stocked in high density in the nursery system and the growth of shrimp can be multiplied by increasing the vigor with the best water management system. About 10 lakh chicks are reared in a tank with a capacity of 300 ton liters depending on the stocking density. That means 3-4 numbers per liter are left and reared. Also the cost of cultivation from PL10 to 30 days is completely reduced. In this method, shrimp chicks that can be stocked on a scale of 5 hectares are raised in a Reinforced Concrete Tank (Epoxy Coated) tank with a capacity of 300 tons. 4 grams in direct stock mode is available in 60 days only. There is no doubt that this type of nursery technology can achieve growth of 4 grams in 25-30 days.

Benefits of nursery technology

Under controlled conditions, continuous air, feed management and temperature control are factors such as growth and growth without stress. And when they are transferred to the rearing pond, they grow well without any damage and are able to make huge profits in production.

In this way waste can be easily removed. Shrimps reared in the nursery system tend to take more feed. Therefore, automatic feeder should be installed in the breeding pond while transferring to the rearing pond. Infection is completely controlled and prevented in this way. Especially EMS is prevented. A growth of 2-3 grams can be seen in 25 days.

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