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Planting of variety of fruit trees, transforming the landscape, promoting a greener environment and addressing the field-related challenges faced by the villagers were the major highlights of the training programme, organised by the students of the Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE), Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), in the village Saya Khurd. The programme also focused on thorough surveys, regular field inspections and providing practical solutions to enhance agricultural practices. In addition, the community was introduced to the power of technology through PAU apps like PAU Kisan App, Agri Machinery App and Urea Guide App which empowered farmers with valuable information and guidance, boosting productivity as well as efficiency.

One remarkable success story that emerged from the training was that of Satpal Singh, who achieved impressive yields on his 100-acre farm without resorting to paddy burning. His sustainable farming practices served as an inspiration for other farmers of the region. He also got a remarkable increase in the yield of rice and wheat.

Besides, the training addressed health concerns by identifying and suggesting solutions for prevalent diseases in the region.

At the camp on Value Addition, Mrs Kuldeep shared her expertise on cake baking, while Dr Lavleesh Garg, extension scientist, provided valuable insights into Skill Development Centre of PAU.

Expert Dr Pankaj Kumar informed that the village attachment training truly made a positive impact by fostering sustainable practices, promoting creativity, and empowering the local community. It’s a testament to the dedication of all those involved, he added.

The camp was held under the guidance of Dr Kuldeep Singh, Head, Department of Extension Education.

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