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Ms. Ritu Aggarwal, a Ludhiana-based agripreneur trained at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), captivated the attention of university officials and industry experts as she presented her diverse range of millet-based products during her visit to the campus. In the presence of Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice-Chancellor of PAU, and university dignitaries including Dr. Rishi Indra Singh Gill, Dr. Vishavjeet Singh Hans, and Dr. Ramandeep Singh, Director of the School of Business Studies, Ms. Aggarwal exhibited her innovative creations crafted from nutritious millets.

Dr. S.S. Gosal, commending the impressive outcome of PAU’s training, emphasized the untapped potential of agripreneur and highlighted the university’s role in supporting and nurturing their endeavors. Encouraging prospective individuals, he called upon them to spearhead agricultural pilot projects, foreseeing a robust agri-business domain in Punjab. His vision encompasses not just the development of high-quality products but also strategic market initiatives, aiming for a flourishing agricultural landscape.

Speaking about Ms. Aggarwal’s involvement, Dr. Ramandeep Singh shed light on her active membership in the Millets Producers and Processors Social Media Group. He underscored the collaboration between producers and processors, revealing plans to bolster this relationship by facilitating millet procurement directly from PAU-trained farmers. As the Principal Investigator of NIDHI-TBI (National Initiative for Development and Harnessing Innovation – Technology Business Incubator), Dr. Singh praised Ms. Aggarwal’s commitment, emphasizing the necessity for grooming and refining entrepreneurial skills to foster business expansion.

Moreover, Dr. Singh highlighted the collaborative effort of NIDHI-TBI involving various departments such as Food and Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Extension, Food Engineering and Technology, Skill Development Centre, and the School of Business Studies. He mentioned Ms. Aggarwal’s induction into the PAU Kisan Club’s women’s wing as a life member, displaying the growing synergy between her initiatives and the university’s agricultural community.

In discussing her agri-business venture, Ms. Ritu Aggarwal showcased an array of millet-based products, including cookies, cakes, muffins, protein powder, idlis, dhokla, dosa, and cutlets. Her innovative inventory features a variety of millets such as foxtail, kodo, little millet, brow top, and barnyard, unveiling the versatility and health benefits of these grains.

Ms. Aggarwal’s efforts in promoting millet-based products serve as an inspiration, highlighting the potential for sustainable agri-business ventures that leverage local resources and nutritional benefits. With the collaborative support of PAU and industry stakeholders, her journey stands as a testament to the possibilities within the agricultural entrepreneurship landscape.

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