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The Department of Food and Nutrition, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in association with Punjab Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (PAMETI) organized a skill oriented three-day training program on “Value-added products of millets” in which 27 rural women and men from Ludhiana district participated.

Dr Kiran Grover, Head, Department of Food and Nutrition, shared that the training was conducted with the objective to promote the use of millets as a nutritious and sustainable food crop as well as to create new income opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Giving details, Dr Neerja Singla, Professor of Food and Nutrition and Training Coordinator, informed that knowledge on nutritional and health importance of millets, and hands-on-training on developing value added millet based products using different cooking techniques were imparted.

The faculty of the department conducted demonstrations on preparation of different products using millets as a primary ingredient. The demonstration included preparation of fermented millet products (ragi vegetable idli and millet pan cakes), dessert and puddings (ragi bounty balls and kangani kheer), indigenous millet products (multigrain khichdi, dhalia with addition of pulses and vegetables, jowar roti, millet curd chat), nutritious millet snacks (cutlets using kangani and vegetables, multigrain chilla with vegetables and namkeen mixture of puffed bajra and jowar including corn flakes and peanuts) and a variety of bakery products as cakes, muffins, bread and multigrain cookies replacing maida with jowar and ragi. An experience sharing and motivational session was also conducted by a millet entrepreneur, Mrs Meetu from Healthy Millet Bakery, Ludhiana.

During the concluding session, Dr Grover urged the participants to adopt millet-based products in their daily diet. She added that these value-added products expand the range of food choices and are valuable for individuals with dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance or those seeking healthier food alternatives. The participants appreciated the efforts of experts from Department of food and Nutrition and ensured to add such products in their family diet.

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