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Date: 06.03.2024
Last date for receipt of application: 05.03.2024.
Venue: Committee Room
Course Director: Dr. Bhuvaneswari S.
Course Co-Directors: Dr. D. V. Sudhakar Rao & Dr. Vijay Rakesh Reddy NHF2024
Course Co-Ordinator’s: Dr. M. Thangam, Dr. Dhananjaya M. V., CEO, BESST-HORT, Dr. Kalaivanan D. Treasurer, BESST-HORT & BESST-HORT Team.
Objectives of the training
To impart training on better packaging and storage methods for extension of shelf life and quality of fruits and vegetables.
Prospects of the training
This training gives better insight into–
1. Control of post harvest losses in perishable fruits & vegetables
2. Extending the freshness and marketable period of fruits and vegetables
3. safe ripening techniques of fruits
4. Better supply chain management
Scope of training
1. Different packing techniques and packages for maintenance of freshness during transport, storage and marketing
2. The training covers better handling practices, pre-treatments and optimum storage conditions for extension of storage life of Fruit and Vegetable
Who are eligible?
Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in starting Micro Food Enterprises, Start-ups in food processing, SHGs, Homemakers, Researchers, UG, PG and PhD students.

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