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Organization of Nutrition Month program at community level Pantnagar. 05 October 2023. As per the instructions of the Government of India, under the National Nutrition Month in the University, students of Community Science College organized a three-day awareness program at Nagla Dairy Colony on the topic ‘Well-Nourished India, Literate India, Strong India’ at the rural level. During this period, local people were made aware about balanced diet, nutrition month and various diseases caused by vitamin deficiency through dissemination literature through posters, drama, leaflets and folders. By demonstrating the results, the students explained the method of making buttermilk, namkeen, laddu, kheer and idli from Shri Anna. Along with this, B. of the children and women present. M.I. Measured and informed people about their results.

C.B. located at Pantnagar for nutrition month by the community college. – An awareness program related to nutrition was also organized in 2 Colony, Jha Colony and Chakpheri Colony, in which they were given information about nutritious foods, nutrition, balanced diet, importance of breastfeeding, consumption of local seasonal fruits and vegetables and importance of nutrition garden. Went. Along with this, while drawing attention to the importance of International Shree Anna Year 2023, emphasis was laid on rural residents to use Shree Anna in their daily diet. Knowledge was given about the coarse grains under Shri Anna like Madua, Jowar, Bajra, Kuttu Amaranth, Jhingora, Kodo, their nutritional information, value added food items made from them etc. Rao students of class IV and students of class II participated in this program and the entire awareness program was done under the direction of Dr. Anupama Pandey, Officer-in-charge of Extension Department and Dr. Pooja Tamta, Assistant Professor.

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