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One Week Awareness Program on Ideation/ Hackathon on Compost/ Biogas production (Waste to Wealth) to be held during 6-12th May 2024 was inaugurated on 6th May, 2024 at 11.00 AM in the FST auditorium of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour to promote Mission Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) in Agriculture. The session was chaied by Dr. A. K. Sah, Dean, Agriculture, BAU, Sabour. During the inaugural programme Dr. Manish Kumar, Faculty of Munger University, Munger was the invited speaker of the programme. The programme was started in the presence of dignitaries: Dr. J.N. Srivastava, Director Students Welfare, BAU, Sabour, Dr. A. K. Singh, Director Research, BAU, Sabour and Dr. R. K. Sohane, Director of Extension Education, BAU, Sabour. The UG/PG students of BAU, Sabour and faculties were benefitted from this programme.

After lightening of a lamp the dignitaries present on the dias were welcomed by the organizing secretary (MLAA), Dr. S. Nahakpam, who also briefly introduced the workshop. Dr. A. K. Pal, Organizing Secretary (MLAA) gave the outline of activities to be carried out during the one week programme on mission LiFE. Dr. J. N. Srivastava, Director Students Welfare, BAU, Sabour, focused on the importance of environmental protection emphasizing the value of natural resources and their conservation methods. Dr. D. R. Singh, Director Research, BAU, Sabour, talked about our duties towards the nature and relationship between nature and nurture. Dr. R. K. Sohane, Director of Extension Education, BAU, Sabour talked about inculcating the knowledge obtained from this workshop into the day to day life of students. He emphasized to use waste products from hostels for composting and encouraged students to be involved in such programmes. He also gave examples of success stories related to the generation of wealth from waste in Bihar such as e.g. Kothiya village as the first biological village and Kediya, Jamui, the first village to switch to organic farming. Invited speaker Dr. Manish Kumar, Munger University, Munger, talked about the urgency of conserving the degrading environment by taking initiatives from small scale biogas for recycling our daily wastes.  Dr. A. K. Shah, Dean (Ag.), BAU, Sabour appealed to implement the United Nations framework of climate change i.e. mitigation, adaptation and implementation. He elaborated LiFE as Little Innovation for the Future Environment. He said that there should be a tangible change when students are involved in such programme. He told that the students should come up with innovative models that can be implemented at the community level for the conservation of natural resources. He emphasized that the aim of such a workshop should be to motivate, innovate and participate. The inaugural session ended with formal vote of thanks by co-organizing secretary Dr. Ruby Rani.

Technical Session (6th May, 2024)

Plenary Lecture by Dr. Manish Kumar, Munger University, Munger on “Composting/ Biogas Production (Waste to Wealth)”

During the technical session Dr. Manish Kumar, faculty of Munger University shared groundbreaking experience in the field of composting or biogas production, processes involved and its applications. He talked on innovative techniques for composting organic waste or producing biogas from various organic materials, leading to more efficient and sustainable practices. Dr. Manish Kumar highlighted the importance of shifting to composting and biogas. He discussed the 5 R’s concept i.e. Reduce waste, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse to buy non-eco-friendly products and Reform materials. Dr. Manish Kumar enlightened the audience with his thought provoking biogas innovative production technologies.

At the end of the technical session Dr. Manish Kumar was honored by organizing secretary Dr. A. K. Pal and co-organizing secretary Dr. R. D. Ranjan with a memento depicting the logo of Work is worship-Work with Smile, adopted by university.

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