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In a significant event, three books edited by Dr. Amarjit Singh Tanda were formally introduced to the public. The titles of the books are ‘Advances in Insect Pollination Technology in Sustainable Agriculture,’ ‘Advances in Integrated Pest Management Technology: Innovative and Applied Aspects,’ and ‘Molecular Advances in Insect Resistance of Field Crops: Modern and Applied Approaches.’ This unveiling was carried out by the distinguished World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Gurdev Singh Khush, and Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, the Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Notable attendees included officers of the university and faculty members.

Underlining the immense importance of insect pollination in the agro-industry, Dr. G.S. Khush emphasized its fundamental role as a cornerstone for crop production. He elaborated on the various vectors like water, wind, and animal pollinators, which play a crucial role in transferring pollen essential for crop growth. Dr. Khush praised Dr. Amarjit Singh Tanda’s book for its systematic crop-by-crop approach, presenting advancements in insect pollination technology within the sustainable agriculture context, establishing a new subject domain known as Entpollinatology. He also noted that Dr. Tanda’s second book addresses a literature gap by providing the latest research evidence in integrated pest management technology. Regarding the third book, he added that it is based on the understanding that tolerance to pest pressure increases with less crop stress.

Applauding the books for enriching the scientific literature repository, Dr. S.S. Gosal highlighted the books’ salient features, including comprehensive coverage of various subject aspects, incorporation of traditional and modern practices, and a rich collection of visual aids such as pictures, diagrams, and tables complementing the text. He congratulated Dr. Tanda for curating a valuable collection of chapters focusing on advanced and pivotal aspects of insect pollination technology in sustainable agriculture, integrated pest management technology, and insect resistance in field crops. He emphasized that these books would be an invaluable reference for scientists, students, policymakers, and professionals in the agro-industry.

Dr. Tanda provided an overview of the contents of the three books and shared anecdotes of his long association with PAU. He conveyed that the objective was to compile comprehensive information on all aspects of the subjects chosen for the books and lay a forward-looking foundation for these domains.

Earlier, Dr. D.K. Sharma, Head, Department of Entomology, introduced Dr. Tanda. Currently serving as the Managing Director of TPC Sydney, Australia, Dr. Tanda is a distinguished research scientist, academician, and administrator with an extensive four-decade-long experience. His expertise encompasses nematology, entomology, biological control, and entpollinatology. Dr. Tanda’s numerous publications in esteemed national and international journals solidify his standing in the field. Notably, he is recognized for his poetry and community work as well.

In addition to the book launch, a Punjabi novel titled ‘Lifafa’ authored by Er. D.N. Singh was also released during the event. The novel sheds light on the issue of exploitation and malpractice in public and private hospitals, especially chain hospitals, due to the corporate business model. It also emphasizes the significance of friendship as the most profound of relationships.

Dr. Gurbachan Singh Miglani, a distinguished geneticist, presented his two latest books titled ‘Epigenetics’ and ‘Epigenomics’ to Dr. G.S. Khush during the occasion. The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Nirmal Singh Jaura, Director Students’ Welfare, while Dr. Vishal Bector, Associate Director (Institution Relations), efficiently coordinated the programme.

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