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About the training program
Nano-finish is a textile finishing technique that uses nanotechnology to create care-free fabrics. The technique creates fabrics that are highly active and have UV-blocking, antimicrobial, and self-cleaning properties. Nano-finishing is one of the way of value addition of textile fabrics. SKUAST- Kashmir is currently executing Holistic Agriculture Development Program entitled “Promotion of wool and pelt for effective processing and marketing”. Their R&D is one of the inevitable components of the program under that SKUAST-Kashmir intends to develop diversified range of wool and fur-based value-added products. As, ICAR-CIRCOT is having expertise and facilities for nano-finishing of the textile fabrics, so a skill development programs has been decided to conduct for Project team of SKUAST-Kashmir on nano-finishing of the textile fabrics. This is a first of its kind training program on “Nano-finishing of Textile fabrics with particular emphasis on wool”. This training program will benefit both research institutes to grow more together by sharing ideas and experiences.
, To acquaint the trainees about the basics and recent advances in nanotechnology
, To impart hands-on training on synthesis & characterization of nanomaterials
To impart hands-on training on application of nanomaterials in finishing of textile materials and their evaluation.

Date & Venue
January 15 -24, 2024 at ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT), Adenwala Road, Matunga (East), Near Five Gardens, Mumbai 400019.

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