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To promote sustainable agriculture and boost economic prospects for farmers, farm women, and rural youth, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Mansa recently conducted a vocational training course on ‘Piggery Farming’ from September 20, 2023, to September 26, 2023, that drew participation from ten enthusiastic individuals hailing from various villages in the Mansa and Bathinda districts.

The week-long training programme was designed to equip participants with comprehensive scientific knowledge and practical skills related to pig farming, thereby facilitating their economic empowerment. Dr Gurdeep Singh, Deputy Director (Training) at KVK Mansa, was pivotal in guiding the trainees. He emphasized the significance of pig farming and encouraged participants to consider it a viable allied business opportunity, emphasizing the importance of adhering to scientific practices.

Dr Ajay Singh, Assistant Professor (Animal Science), imparted valuable insights on various aspects of pig farming, including pig breeds, care and management, selection of boar and sow, site selection, housing management, water and feed management, and the importance of record-keeping.

Dr Satpal Singh, a Veterinary Officer from the Poly Clinic in Mansa, delivered an informative lecture on disease management, controlling endo and ectoparasites, and establishing a vaccination schedule to ensure the well-being of the pigs. Additionally, participants had the privilege of interacting with a progressive piggery farmer who shared practical experiences and success stories.

An exposure visit was organized at G. I. Integrated Farm in Bhai Desa village, Mansa district, to give participants a real-world understanding of piggery farming.

The vocational training program culminated with a post-knowledge test to gauge the extent of knowledge acquired by the trainees during the course. To foster ongoing learning and knowledge sharing, a WhatsApp group was established to keep participants updated with the latest piggery and animal husbandry developments.

The participants showed keen interest and actively contributed by sharing valuable insights and information about pig farming.

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