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Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Bahowal, Hoshiarpur spearheaded an effort to promote eco-friendly agricultural practices through a field demonstration of the PAU Smart Seeder in Daata village on November 14, 2023. Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director (Training) at KVK Hoshiarpur, stressed the collective responsibility of farmers in curbing environmental contamination, particularly the hazards associated with stubble burning that deteriorate air quality and public health by causing dense smog.

Highlighting the significance of in-situ paddy residue management, Dr Bons urged farmers to adopt such technologies for soil health and societal well-being. The field demonstration of the PAU Smart Seeder, guided by Dr Ajaib Singh, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering, showcased its ability to plant wheat seeds in a precisely tilled narrow band of soil. This technology ensures optimal seed placement by covering seed rows with soil using furrow closing rollers.

Operating with a 45 to 50 HP tractor, the PAU Smart Seeder boasts a field capacity of 0.4 hectares per hour, consuming fuel at a rate of 5.5 liters per acre. Dr Singh emphasized its remarkable performance in facilitating excellent germination, crop stand, and resilience to varying weather conditions.

Mr Balbir Singh, an esteemed farmer associated with KVK Hoshiarpur in Daata village, enthusiastically embraced the PAU Smart Seeder technology, sowing wheat across a 7-acre area. Previously, he had successfully utilized this technology provided by KVK Hoshiarpur, expressing contentment with its efficacy in managing crop residues and contributing to sustainable agricultural practices. Notably, Mr Balbir Singh, accompanied by his sons Harpreet Singh and Harjinder Singh, also operates two SMS combines, offering custom hiring services in the region.

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