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KVK Bathinda organized a 12-day training camp focused on cloth dyeing techniques and enhancing the marketability of dyed fabrics through both traditional and modern embroidery methods to boost the agricultural income of farmers. The training was attended by 29 farm women hailing from various villages, including Bhagoo, Tiona, Karmiti, Joganand, Chakk Attar Singh Wala, Khuiaan, Malkaana, Poohla, Ghumman Kalaan, Semaa, Bhalaiaana, Kothe Kaur Singh Wala, and Jassi Pau Wali.

During the inauguration of the training program, Dr Gurdeep Singh Sidhu, Deputy Director of KVK, urged the participants to make the most of this opportunity and utilize the acquired skills to achieve financial independence, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, and augment their family income. Professor Gurmeet Singh Dhillon, from the Department of Extension Education, provided an insightful overview of the various activities undertaken by KVK.

Dr. Jaswinder Kaur Brar, the Course Coordinator, elaborated on the art of tie and dye, emphasizing its cost-effectiveness and potential for generating substantial income for homemakers. An exhibition showcasing the remarkable creations of the participants marked the culmination of this empowering training initiative.

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