From the beginning of year 2016-17, KRISHI (Knowledge based Resources Information Systems Hub for Innovations in Agriculture) Portal has become one of most popular information system hubs relating to agriculture, livestock and fishery sciences. This is one kind of data inventory repository. The main aim of this repository is to create one meta data inventory comprising of information pertaining to agriculture and allied sectors which are available at various ICAR Institutes/ SAUs and are to be readily accessible for farmers, researchers and planners. It consists of six repositories e.g. technology, publication, experimental data, observational data survey data and geo-portal. As a part of various activities of this Institute, during the period 2017-18, a number of video films on successful agricultural farming at different districts of this Zone were prepared by this Institute as per the Directives of Agricultural Extension (AE) Division, ICAR, New Delhi and were uploaded in the KRISHI Portal for its widespread adoption. The portal can be accessed at http://krishi.icar.gov.in.

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