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On the 24th of July 2023 a farmers field day/ Interaction programme was organized underneath the ongoing Farmer FIRST Project at Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), Karnal. In this project ICAR-NDRI, Karnal is the cooperating institute. The objective of the programme was to aware about the proper management of dairy animals during hot humid season and provide them the required inputs for sustaining the production (Milk and growth) and reproductive problems. A health camp was also organized and necessary medicines were provided to farmers in Kathura Village. For drudgery reduction, bucket stands, sitting stools and implement for removing the dung of animals was also provided to the selected farmers. The aim was to promote sustainable dairy farming practices and improve the socio-economic conditions of the farming community in Kathura Village. This village has been selected as one of the project’s target areas due to its agricultural significance, as well as involvement of most of the farmers in dairy farming also. The inputs provided to the farmers for boosting milk production, improving milk quality and enhance the overall health and welfare of the dairy animals. Prior to the field visit, Farmer First Project (FFP) team collaborated with local veterinary experts and dairy specialists to identify suitable milk enhancing products and animal medicines. They procured the necessary supplies and ensured for distribution. A thorough needs assessment was conducted to understand the specific requirements of each farmer. The assessment included evaluating the current health and productivity of the dairy animals and analyzing milk quality and quantity. Therefore, an awareness session was conducted to educate the farmers about the benefits of using milk enhancing products and animal medicines to improve their dairy farming practices.

Based on the needs assessment, milk enhancing products such as cattle feed supplements like mineral mixtures, prill fat and anionic mishran along with essential animal medicines for common ailments were given to the farmers. Along with the distribution, training sessions were conducted to educate farmers on the proper usage of milk enhancing products and the applying the veterinary medicines. They were also provided with guidelines on maintaining proper hygiene and health care for their dairy animals. The programme may prove to be a transformative initiative for the dairy farmers in the region. The FFP attributed not only to the distribution of essential supplies but also to provide the training and education to the farmers. This integrated approach empowered the farmers with knowledge and tools to adopt sustainable dairy farming practices, ultimately improving their socio-economic conditions. The project serves as a model for similar initiatives aimed at uplifting rural communities and fostering growth in the mode of an integrated farming system model. The team was led by Dr. Rajkumar, Principal Investigator (PI) from ICAR- CSSRI, Karnal and Dr. Sohan Vir Singh (Co-PI) accompanied by Dr S Raju from ICAR-NDRI Karnal.

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