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Training program on “Scientific Rearing and Management of Goats” under TSP of AICRP on Goat improvement at ICAR-IVRI, Mukteswar was inaugurated on 14.03.2024. A total of 30 livestock owners and farmers from Sunkhari Kala Village, Sitarganj Block, U.S. Nagar district have participated in the training. The duration of training is from 14.03.2024 to 20.03.2024 (7 days). At the outset, Dr. Nitish Singh Kharayat, Scientist, TAH Division, welcomed the dignitaries and trainees. Dr. Madhusoodan A. P., Scientist, TAH Division and Coordinator of training program outlined the activities being scheduled under this training program. Dr. Indrasen Chauhan, Head, TAH Division and PI, AICRP on Goat improvement briefed about the importance of goat husbandry and its future prospects. Dr. Bimalendu Mondal, Joint Director, ICAR-IVRI, Mukteswar campus explained the historical achievements of IVRI, Mukteswar in the prevention and eradication of livestock diseases. He urged the participants to learn, adopt, and disseminate the knowledge obtained from the training among the other farmers.

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