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ICAR- Indian Institute of Horticulture (IIHR) organized a training cum input distribution programme for the tribal farmers of Beemakulam and Naickanur villages of Javvadu Hills in Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadi, in association with Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops, Tamil Nadu on 1.6.2023, to create awareness among the tribal farmers about advances in vegetable and fruits production technologies and to distribute vital inputs. More than 75 farmers, farm women and rural youth participated in the programme and benefitted.

Mr. Prasad, Assistant Director of Horticulture, Alangayam Block extended a warm welcome to the gathering. The programme was inaugurated by Mrs. Sangeetha Pari, Chairperson, Alangayam Panchayat Union, in the presence of Mr. Poobalan, Vice President, Alangayam Panchayat Union; Mr. Sigamani, Union Councilor, Beemakulam and Naickanur; Mr. K. Krishna Murthy, President, Beemakulam Panchayat; Mr. Murigesan, Vice President, Beemakulam Panchayat; Mrs. Fathima, Deputy Director of Horticulture, Tirupattur; Mr. Prasad, Assistant Director of Horticulture, Alangayam Block and Deputy Director of Agriculture, Alangayam Block. Mrs. Sangeetha urged the farmers to utilize this opportunity to enhance their family income by adopting innovative horticulture production technologies. Mrs. Fathima spoke about the development programmes implemented by Department of Horticulture. The farmers were distributed with the technological inputs such as vegetable seed kits, vegetable special packets and citrus special packets, so that they can adopt these technologies in their crops and appreciate the benefit and to further promotion of horticulture production technologies among them, based on their conviction.

During the technical session, Dr. R. Venkattakumar, Principal Scientist and Nodal Officer, TSP programme spoke about activities of ICAR-IIHR; importance of TSP programme and the significance of adoption of ICAR-IIHR technologies. Dr. V. Sankar, Principal Scientist, Division of Social Sciences and Training, spoke about the ICAR-IIHR vegetable production technologies suitable for Javvadu Hills region. Dr. R. Senthil Kumar, Principal Scientist and Nodal Officer, SC&SP programme spoke about important fruit crops production technologies that are suitable for Javvadu hills region. This session was followed by a question-and-answer session, during which the doubts raised by the farmers were clarified by the scientists and officials of Horticulture Department. The programme came to end after Mr. Madhu, Assistant Horticulture Office, Alangayam Block, gave a formal vote of thanks.

This programme was a good example of research-extension-farmer linkage and no doubt go a long way in development of tribal farmers in Beemakulam and Naickanur villages of Javvadu Hills Region. This programme was coordinated by Dr. R. Venkattakumar, Dr. V. Sankar and Dr. R. Senthil Kumar of ICAR-IIHR and Mr. Prasad, Assistant Director of Horticulture, Alangayam block. It was suggested to the DDH, Tirupattur to submit a proposal for development of Tribal region of this district through ICAR-IIHR interventions.

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