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ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar, organized a Farmer Scientist Interface programme for the skill development of men and women SC fish farmers at Raitala, Dhenkanal under the DST project. Around 150 beneficiaries attended the programme. Sri. Prasant Nanda, AFO, Dhenkanal interacted with the beneficiaries them by emphasize the importance of aquaculture by using latest tech of ICAR-CIFA of grow out culture for maximizing productivity in a specified pond area. He also briefed about different schemes & subsidies available for the farmers and fishermen to enhance the fish production and productivity. He stressed that key inputs in the form of quality seed, feed etc. may be provided to encourage the farmers to adopt new technology. He urged to every farmer to register them in Go-Sugam portal of Govt. of Odisha so that the farmers can apply different schemes directly through online portal.

Dr. B. Mishra, ACTO, ICAR-CIFA, discussed about freshwater aquaculture technologies in order to help SC beneficiaries improve their skills to increase their family income and employment prospects. Additionally, he stressed the importance of keeping the pond clean and the environment clean. In addition, he discussed the different stages offish, such as spawn, fry, and fingerlings. He urged to all women beneficiaries to do carp seed rearing so that they can get quality fish seed for their own pond as well as they can sell it to distant market to get maximum profit. He discussed about proper testing of pond water as well as soil for proper growth and survival of fingerlings in their existing ponds and suggested them to applying latest feed technology for proper nutrition of fish.

‘‘Fish in the tank is like money in the bank’’ said Dr. G.S. Saha, Principal Scientist, ICARCIFA, as he urged farmers to practice integrated fish farming and spoke about how farm women might engage in fish farming during their leisure time. Mr. Subhransu Satpathy, Member Sankalp NGO, Dhenkanal, discussed how the NGO engages in various social activities such as forestation and supplying drinking water to needy people and animals during the summer. He promised to collaborate with the district fish farmers in the future to improve their fish farming.

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