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A training programme on “Scientific Livestock and Poultry Production” was organized by ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair, at Dasrathpur village, Rangat, in collaboration with the Veterinary Hospital, Rangat, on August 17, 2023. Dr. P.A. Bala and Dr. Arun Kumar De, Senior Scientists from ICAR-CIARI, along with Dr. Sathish, Senior Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Hospital Rangat, Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, coordinated the programme. A total of 40 farmers attended the programme. Mr. Biswanath Mondal, Up-Pradhan, graced the occasion and encouraged the participants to interact with the scientists and draw maximum advantage out of the programme. Dr. Bala emphasized the scientific rearing of backyard and commercial broiler poultry farming.

He also explained the importance of balanced feeding for livestock and poultry and scientific strategies to increase milk and production of cattle and poultry, respectively, with proper management. Dr. De explained in detail about scientific pig rearing, control of ecto- and endo-parasites, and control of neonatal piglet anaemia. Dr. Satish highlighted the importance of sustainable goat rearing, pinpointing seasonal diseases and proper nutritive care for the goats. Farmers were also distributed inputs of feed supplements and medicines. Mr. Biswanath Mondal thanked the village farmers for their active participation. He also thanked the scientists for their efforts and urged them to conduct such programmes frequently for the farmers. The Up-Pradhan also offered special thanks to the SVO, Dr. Sathish, for his prompt response on every occasion and for providing proper health cover for the livestock and poultry. On the same day, three health camps were also organized, and inputs of feed supplements and medicines were distributed. The health camps were organised at Chitrakut, Amkunj, and Sabari villages, where more than 100 goats, 50 cattle, and 100 poultries were attended.

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