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Shri Parshottam Rupala, Honorable Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Govt of India inaugurated the first National Conference on the Promotion of Seaweed Cultivation at Koteshwar, Kutch in Gujarat on 27th January 2024. In his address, the Honorable Union Minister urged fishermen and fisherwomen to embrace seaweed cultivation for its diverse product opportunities. Emphasizing the historic significance of the first national conference, he highlighted its potential to generate employment, increase fish farmer income, and diversify coastal livelihoods. Referring to the Kori Creek pilot project as a potential game-changer, he called on stakeholders to contribute suggestions for the success of seaweed cultivation.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi, Secretary to the Department of Fisheries, Govt of India, illuminated challenges and prospects in seaweed cultivation. He emphasized the need for innovative solutions, robust policy frameworks, and collaborative endeavor’s to foster growth. Dr. Likhi underscored the government’s commitment to innovating seaweed production, crafting effective policies, facilitating networking, and mapping the entire seaweed value chain.

Dr. J.K. Jena, DDG (FS) ICAR, affirmed the unwavering support of ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (ICAR-CMFRI) to farmers and expressed the institute’s readiness to provide demonstrations. He discussed the ongoing refinement of technology in seaweed farming, highlighting that the identified sites result from a preliminary survey, with more significant developments currently underway. Dr. Jena emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts and alignment with the Prime Minister’s vision as catalysts for the growth of the sector.

The dignitaries explored seaweed cultivation sites, gaining insights into various methods demonstrated by ICAAR-CMFRI, CSMCRI, and NFDB pilot projects. Approximately 300 participants attended, including fish farmers, fishers, fisheries cooperatives, government officials from various states, scientists, and researchers. The conference served as a comprehensive platform for discussing the project’s achievements, with a focus on promoting awareness about seaweed farming.

During the conference, Dr. Divu D, Senior Scientist and PI of the strategic project on seaweed farming highlighted the advanced technologies developed for seaweed cultivation by the institute. He elaborated on the contributions of ICAR-CMFRI for the Seaweed Mission, outlining its objectives and positive impacts on coastal regions including combating climate change.

The successful implementation of the Kori Creek Seaweed Cultivation Project stands as a testament to the collective dedication of ICAR-CMFRI, government agencies, industry partners, and esteemed figures. The collaborative strides underscored the sector’s transition towards a sustainable and transformative future. With a shared vision and ongoing advancements, the seaweed cultivation sector is poised for significant growth, promising positive changes in marine production, uplifting coastal livelihoods, and contributing to the overall well-being of communities. The pioneering efforts in Kori Creek mark only the beginning of a journey that holds immense potential for a more sustainable and prosperous coastal landscape.

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