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Smt. Jatoon Ahmed aged 35 years is a landless and illiterate woman who lives in village Richhola Tarachand (tehsil: Nawabganj, district: Bareilly) with her husband Shri Ahsan Ahmed and three daughters. Until two years, her husband used to work as a laborer and upon persuasion and guidance of the scientists from ICAR, taken up apiary. He now has 10 bee boxes and earned Rs 30,000/- last year by selling of 3 quintals of honey @ Rs 100/- per kg. During this period, his wife also came forward and asked for help in rearing animals for livelihood and household security. In view of her socio economic status, she was advised to keep some goats wherein profit can be earned with low inputs. She was selected under the network project on ‘Enhancing the livelihood of rural women through livestock production’ being coordinated by the Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar. She joined the training program on scientific goat farming with 20 other women held in February 2011 and was supplied with 6 adult goats (05 female and one male) with the condition that she would give first two female kids to another women selected under the project. The goats were purchased from IVRI goat research farm. The group was also sent to CIRG Makhdoom under the exposure visit and had firsthand experience in goat rearing and management aspects. Prior of receiving the goat unit, she made a small thatched shed near her house with mud walls. This shed protects the goats from cold, rain and wind and prevent diseases in them. Smt. Jatoon feeds the goats with kitchen waste and grasses cut from road sides and bunds and also take them out for grazing. She was also advised grow vegetables near her house and has since established a small kitchen garden. As Smt. Jatoon has been trained before the goats were distribution, she dewormed the animals and vaccinated them against the major diseases under the guidance and supervision of the project staff. Since her husband is engaged in bee keeping, she alone looks after the animals by caring the new born, feeding the animals and attending to at kidding, and other management practices with the help of her eldest daughter. Her daughters also help her in the management of animals after returning from school. Smt. Jatoon has also established a vermicomposting unit and recycles the vermicomposting prepared from the goat manure and using them as fertilizer in her kitchen garden.

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