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Project Duration: Date of Start: 17th May, 2019 Likely Date of Completion: 16th May, 2024

Although turkeys were introduced in India several decades ago by the Christian missionaries but the turkey farming as such has achieved very little progress. High cost of production, long generation interval and less market demand were the major setback for its low popularity. The main reason for this was that very little attention has been given towards systematic research on turkey management including their feeding breeding, and health cover under the prevailing environment (tropical climate). The major and the only emphasis were given on the development of various strains of chicken both for meat and egg. No interest was shown by the Indian Researchers to develop suitable variety of turkeys, which could be profitable and viable for Indian farmers in terms of body weight and FCR.


To improve the body weight of marketable turkey birds.
To measure genetic, phenotypic parameters and direct and correlated responses of economic traits.
To assess the expression profile of candidate genes associated with growth, metabolism and feed efficiency in turkey poults.

Expected Output:

Higher body weight in turkey birds.
Development of feed efficient line of turkey.
Development of germplasms suitable for diversified rural poultry production.

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