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KVK: Nizamabad (Rudrur)
Date: 11.05.2023 (Thursday)
Title: “Farmers Scientists Interaction on Early Sowing of Rice Crop during the Kharif Season”
Venue: Regional Sugarcane and Rice Research Station(RS&RRS), RudrurActivity: KVK, Nizamabad, (Rudrur) has organized a Farmers Scientists Interaction Meet on Early Sowing of Rice Crop during the Kharif Season.
Dr.P.Raghurami Reddy, Principal Scientist,(Rice), Institute of Rice Research,(IRR),PJTSAU, expressed that Nizamabad stands top in the Cultivation of Paddy crop in the Telangana state and India. Most of the farmers here are cultivating BPT-5204 Variety and this variety is less resistant to Pests and Diseases, said that Farmers should cultivate the better varieties released by PJTSAU like WGL-44, KNM-1638, JGL-28545 which are alternative to BPT-5204. He Enquired Farmers views about the Pros and Cons on the early Sowing of Paddy Crop during the Kharif Season. Dr.G.Sreenivas, Associate Director of Research, RARS, Polasa, Jagtial, advised Farmers to express their doubts regarding the Cultivation Practices in Paddy. And said that if Farmers follows the Cultivation methods according to the weather, they can obtain the good Yields. Dr.B.Balaji Naik , Head, RS & RRS, Rudrur, adviced Farmers to express their opinions on the Early Sowing of Paddy by utilizing the Natural Resources available in the District. Dr.S.Naveen Kumar, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Rudrur, opined that Farmers must utilize this platform to express the Problems faced by the Farmers in cultivation of Paddy crop and follow the advices of Scientists. Sri.Mohan Reddy, General Secretary, Rice Millers Association, Nizamabad, requested Scientists to release the Rice varieties with high Head Rice Recovery (HRR) and varieties which are tolerant to Pests and Diseases. Farmers- Sri.Mohan Reddy, Janardhan Reddy, Papa Rao, Bobby, Srinivas Rao, Jakka Rajeshwar expressed their views on the early sowing of Paddy that if sown early the Crop may be highly affected with Pests and Diseases, and their location is not suitable for early sowing of Paddy. Some of the Farmers expressed their interest in the Early sowing of Paddy and enquired Scientists about the Varieties suitable for early sowing.

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